May 30


We have been lucky enough to have student teachers come to our classroom and teach us a series of 3 science sessions.

The lessons were all about ‘push and pull’ and we completing activities where we had to push and pull different objects.

May 5

STEM ‘On The Move’ rotations

As part of our inquiry unit ‘On the Move’ the Grade 2 students will be rotating to all the grade 2 teachers and will create a STEM challenge for a different mode of transport.

This week we stayed in 2M and our challenge was to create a floating boat. To be successful our boat had to float and to carry at least one marble. The boat that could float and hold the most marbles was the winner.

The materials we had to make our boat was:

  • one piece of foil
  • 30cm of masking tape
  • 4 popsticks

We had to think about what shape our boat would be, where we would place our pop sticks and how to use the foil to make the strongest boat.

We all had great fun and most of our boats were successful. Well done to Josh who made the winning boat that held 88 marbles and was still floating!!

April 16

Term 2

Welcome back!

We your break over the holidays was relaxing and refreshing. 2M is ready to go for another term. We will be super busy this term.

2M is looking forward to the inquiry unit ‘On The Move’, where we will be learning about all the different modes of transport on the land, sea and air. We also have an incursion about road safety coming up!

This term, we will also be completing various science activities and experiments.

Watch this space for updates and exciting news about what we are learning and doing at school!

March 21

Wilson Botanic Park Excursion

What a day!

After a term learning about ‘My Place’ and exploring the places we live in, it was amazing to visit a place that is well-known in the community of Berwick.

We walked to Wilson Botanic Park with the other Grade 2 classes and visited a number of the attractions there.

We climbed the Hoo Hoo Tower, played on the playground, saw birds and the Bird Hide and had lunch at the big lake.

Some of us had been there before, and for others it was their first time. Our favourite part of the excursion was the Hoo Hoo Tower as it had the best view and there was lots to do there.

We had a great time and it was the perfect way to finish our inquiry unit on ‘My Place’.

Thanks for reading


March 2

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Today, we celebrated the Chinese New Year. It is the last day of Chinese New Year. We dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes or we wore red and yellow.

First, we had the parade where all the classes walked around to show off their costumes. We walked around with our buddy class 5C. We had made dragons last week with our buddies so we had these too. It was fantastic to see the other classes decorations and costumes.

We had a workshop on the Zodiac signs. After writing our Zodiac sign in Mandarin, we got a stamp with the animal on  it.

It was a super fun day!

February 16


Welcome to 2M 2018!

We will be updating the blog regularly so the students and families can stay up to date with what we are doing in the classroom and around the school.

It will be a busy term! We will be getting to know each other, learning new things, going on excursions, Chinese Festival and much more!

Everyone in 2M is super excited for this year!