November 8

Sealife Aquarium excursion

Wow! What a day! 2M had a fantastic time on our excursion with 1LS to the Aquarium.

It was a packed day full of wonderful sea creatures and sea life.

We learnt so much about each type of fish and how they survived.

The 4D movie Ice Age was superb and made us all shout, scream and laugh! We were amazed at how great it was.

Here are some pictures from the day!

November 6

Freddie the Fish pollution activity

This week as part of our Inquiry unit ‘Under the Waves’, we completed a pollution activity that showed many of the things that humans do that pollute the ocean water.

Freddie started off with fresh clean water, but as he swam down the river, more and more toxic and dirty waste went into the ocean. Freddie found it hard to breathe and took his last breath.

It was very interesting for us all to learn that pollution is not just rubbish!

September 29

Footy Day

On the last day of Term 3 we celebrated footy and sports by having our annual footy day dress-up!

Everyone in our class dressed in our favourite sporting and club colours.

Playing sports and following a club is very important for us to get exercise and to belong and be part of another community.


September 13

Hands-on Science

2M went to the Hands-on science incursion. Our topic as Bubble Chemistry.

First, we talked about how to make bubbles and what a bubble was.

We got to test many objects to see if we could make bubbles. Some of us were able to make bubbles, massive ones to tiny little ones!

Next, we tried to make a bubble with only our hands! It was very hard- but most of us managed to make a bubble with our hands.

It was really fun to play with bubbles and experiment with all the objects and liquids.

Here are some pictures from the incursion. Enjoy!

August 28

World of Maths Incursion

On Friday 24th August, 2M had their World of Maths Incursion.

It was held in the gym and there was a lot of problem-solving activities spread in a circle.

In teams of 4, we moved around to all the activities. Some were easier than others. We had to work together and use our problem-solving skills to work out the answer.

Here are some photos of the incursion

August 20

Book Week Dress-up Day

Yay! Dress up day has finally arrived! We have been busy making and creating our character costumes.

Everyone in our class dressed up- we all looked fantastic!

It was great to share the costumes with each other and talk about why we chose that character from a book.

Check out these amazing costumes!


August 16

Mitch Vane

During the Book Week festival, the Prep-2 students had a session with the Illustrator Mitch Vane.

Mitch has illustrated many books. She showed us how to draw a simple face and add small details to change the mood of the character. We were all absolutely amazed at how easy she made it look. Mitch is very talented.

We got to have a go at drawing ourselves- this is what we came up with!

May 30


We have been lucky enough to have student teachers come to our classroom and teach us a series of 3 science sessions.

The lessons were all about ‘push and pull’ and we completing activities where we had to push and pull different objects.

May 5

STEM ‘On The Move’ rotations

As part of our inquiry unit ‘On the Move’ the Grade 2 students will be rotating to all the grade 2 teachers and will create a STEM challenge for a different mode of transport.

This week we stayed in 2M and our challenge was to create a floating boat. To be successful our boat had to float and to carry at least one marble. The boat that could float and hold the most marbles was the winner.

The materials we had to make our boat was:

  • one piece of foil
  • 30cm of masking tape
  • 4 popsticks

We had to think about what shape our boat would be, where we would place our pop sticks and how to use the foil to make the strongest boat.

We all had great fun and most of our boats were successful. Well done to Josh who made the winning boat that held 88 marbles and was still floating!!