May 5

STEM ‘On The Move’ rotations

As part of our inquiry unit ‘On the Move’ the Grade 2 students will be rotating to all the grade 2 teachers and will create a STEM challenge for a different mode of transport.

This week we stayed in 2M and our challenge was to create a floating boat. To be successful our boat had to float and to carry at least one marble. The boat that could float and hold the most marbles was the winner.

The materials we had to make our boat was:

  • one piece of foil
  • 30cm of masking tape
  • 4 popsticks

We had to think about what shape our boat would be, where we would place our pop sticks and how to use the foil to make the strongest boat.

We all had great fun and most of our boats were successful. Well done to Josh who made the winning boat that held 88 marbles and was still floating!!

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